Hello and welcome to my website, which showcases my design portfolio.

I am a graduate product designer living in south-west England. I have created furniture, lighting and product concepts that aim to solve problems and provoke thought.

I use computer aided design tools to visualise, plan and present my projects. I also build real prototypes by hand or with computer aided machining to test and interact with them. I strongly believe in the exploit of technology for design, however all my projects still start with pen and paper.

I have skills in product and furniture design, CAD (particularly Solidworks) and product illustration graphics (including Adobe CS). I am available for freelance or contract work; feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

All the work featured has been designed and made by me.

Treasure Mobile Phone

Rocker Stool

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Treasure Mobile PhoneControl SerumCup for the Elderly / Infirm
LED LampUbiquitous ValueMini Moments


Rocker StoolZ TablePaddy Chair
Flex CDFlex BookFolding Chair/Table
Berlin ChairSky Sails Chair3mm MDF Stool


Ubiquitous Value IllustrationsTechnical IllustrationCrack One Off Cutlery Graphics

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